Block null "from" in logs

Matt Hampton matt at CODERS.CO.UK
Fri Sep 30 15:37:07 IST 2005

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>Anyone can help me to make a rule to block e-mails that comes with null from
>in header (from=<> in mail.log).

If you are running sendmail and don't mind running milters you can use 

Takes some playing around to get it to compile under Linux but it works 
nicely.  I have a client that was getting thousands of DSNs to his 
domain which were being sent to different users.  His domain only has 
about 20 valid senders so this was all the result of spams. 

We have temporarily block all Null sender messages to his domain only by 
using the following:

reject "This domain does not accept DSN messages"
envrcpt / and envfrom /^$/
envrcpt / and envfrom /^<>$/
envrcpt / and envfrom /mailer-daemon@/ei

I will re-iterate what everyone else has said about RFC's.  From direct 
experience we also have had to change the way in which mailfromd (a 
version of milter-sender) verifies addresses as sites that block DSNs  
were being blocked from sending to our clients.  We use the address 
"addressverifier" rather than "<>" now and this reduces the number of 


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