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On 26/09/05, Drew Marshall <drew at> wrote:
> On 26 Sep 2005, at 04:19, Craig White wrote:
> >
> > thread_id=3D8301109&forum_id=3D3156
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> > Anyone care to comment?
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> > MailScanner works fine for me (and postfix)
> >
> > Craig
> This one has been round the block a few times. Basically the authors
> of Exim are happy although they don't document specifically
> MailScanner's co-existence (Although I believe they use MailScanner
> themselves in some form). Sendmail's queue structure is not exactly
> scientific and is well documented due to it's age. As pointed out by
> Matt, Postfix is the only MTA that has a public 'black mark' and that
> is covered in the wiki here
> id=3Ddocumentation:configuration:mta:postfix:politics I would suggest
> the guy bad mouthing MailScanner is almost certainly a Postfix use as
> he is using all the hot air expressions that Weitse has used over the
> years (And there has been some!).
> The wiki piece was written for just such occasions and yes I guess
> *if* the Postfix queue structure was changed then I am sure Julian
> would have to adjust MailScanner to accommodate (As he has done once
> already) but it's unlikely to change in a big way as Postfix is
> pretty mature and from what I have seen software developers rarely re-
> invent the wheel once they have published their design and vision of
> how a wheel should work (Which is another way of saying that the
> Postfix/ MailScanner 'battle' is unlikely to ever change...)
> Drew

Couldn't agree more.

Craig, I don't think it'll be particularly productive to try win over
Mr Pittman ... Give the OP the wiki link and a friendly tip that s/he
should perhaps go here and ask away... (Pretty much as you've already
And stress that this is an issue with more than one answer, since it
in large part is _opinion_, not technology. I suspect we're quite a
few who go for Postfix&MailScanner;)

-- Glenn
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