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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon Sep 26 06:45:47 IST 2005

On 26 Sep 2005, at 04:19, Craig White wrote:

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> Anyone care to comment?
> MailScanner works fine for me (and postfix)
> Craig

This one has been round the block a few times. Basically the authors  
of Exim are happy although they don't document specifically  
MailScanner's co-existence (Although I believe they use MailScanner  
themselves in some form). Sendmail's queue structure is not exactly  
scientific and is well documented due to it's age. As pointed out by  
Matt, Postfix is the only MTA that has a public 'black mark' and that  
is covered in the wiki here 
id=documentation:configuration:mta:postfix:politics I would suggest  
the guy bad mouthing MailScanner is almost certainly a Postfix use as  
he is using all the hot air expressions that Weitse has used over the  
years (And there has been some!).

The wiki piece was written for just such occasions and yes I guess  
*if* the Postfix queue structure was changed then I am sure Julian  
would have to adjust MailScanner to accommodate (As he has done once  
already) but it's unlikely to change in a big way as Postfix is  
pretty mature and from what I have seen software developers rarely re- 
invent the wheel once they have published their design and vision of  
how a wheel should work (Which is another way of saying that the  
Postfix/ MailScanner 'battle' is unlikely to ever change...)


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