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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
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On 21/10/05, Chris W. Parker <cparker at> wrote:
> Scott Silva <mailto:ssilva at SGVWATER.COM>
>     on Friday, October 21, 2005 11:09 AM said:
> > Did you stop MailScanner before you changed the bayes files?
> No.
> > Did you check the permissions?
> No. What are they supposed to be?
> > Run a lint test?
> No.
> > Restart MailScanner (not reload)?
> No.
> However, I just installed MailWatch and it required that I stop
> MailScanner, move the bayes db from the original location to a MailWatch
> specific spot, run a lint test, and then start MailScanner.
> In other words when I originally installed the FSL files I did none of
> what you said, but I've done it since then. Have I screwed things up?
> Chris.
Probably not... If you've followed Steves instructions to the letter,
you should be fine.
And you likely were already (I see Bayes scoring in the above
excerpts... you wouldn't get that if Bayes wasn't willing to play).
Steves changes are mainly to make sure sa-learn works from the
MailWatch interface (should you need to use it).
I think you'll find that if you (can) add in the digest tests (I don't
see them above... Might perhaps be there but not contributing any
points), and perhaps a modicum of tweaks to the existing rules and
perhaps some extra rules ... you'll get rather good precision. Look in
the wiki ( for how to get/enable
razor2/pyzor/DCC. Note that only pyzor is really  "squeaky-free":-).

-- Glenn
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