Feature request

Chris W. Parker cparker at SWATGEAR.COM
Thu Oct 20 18:25:24 IST 2005


I'd like know if it's possible to delete a message that has N or more
recipients that do not appear in /etc/mail/access. I just got an email
that scored only a 6.23 (regular spam is at 5, high spam is at 11) but
of the six recipients on the email only one of them was valid. The other
addresses were just dictionary type attack addresses (as opposed to
former employees' addresses).

With an option like 'Delete On Invalid Recipient Count = N' in place MS
could have deleted this email even though it scored below the high spam
score (which I have set to delete).

In my environment I could safely set it to something low like 2 and
still be confident that I wouldn't be cutting out any legitimate email.

Or perhaps this is already possible with a custom SA rule or a milter?


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