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Gray, Richard richard.gray at DNS.CO.UK
Thu Oct 13 10:59:43 IST 2005

> This was the start point for our discussion, then my doubt on 
> that rule. 
> Could  be a 'better performance' rule, but there are real 
> attacks catched ONLY by that rule ?

Its Defence In Depth. You're right that their nearly always caught by
something else (a lot of ours are stopped by spam filters and RBLs) but
there is always a possibility that one will slip through, however remote
the chance may be.

Its like all these defences, you have to weigh up whats more important,
and make a decision based on that. If you are getting major grief for
double dot viruses, then IMHO you're probably safe to take them out. You
could mitigate the risk by using a heuristic virus scanner. This might
increase the number of FPs that you get, but lowers the risk of a double
dotted 0-day virus coming in.

Your choice really.


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