How to accept all mail and forward to another SMTP server?

Johnny Stork jstork at
Tue Oct 11 21:19:27 IST 2005

Currently we run a mail server called Scalix (server2) and run MailScanner for outgoing mail/SMTP traffic for scanning on another server (server3). I would like to setup this SMTP gateway server running MailScanner (server3) to accep all incoming mail for our domain, and after scanning route it back to the main, internal mail server, Scalix (server2).
 I know I can change sendmail to be setup to accept mail for the domain (, after I make the MX record changes for that domain, but how can I get MailScanner/Sendmail to accept all mail for a given domain without having to create users on that server for each email account? I just want MailScanner to accept all the mail, scan, process and then route to the Scalix server, where all the accounts actually do exist?
 Thanks for any help in advance :)
 Johnny Stork 
 Information & Technology Manager
 Provincial Blood Coordinating Office

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