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Michele Neylon:: Blacknight.ie michele at BLACKNIGHT.IE
Tue Oct 11 21:08:04 IST 2005

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I haven't done one of these in a while, so if I forget anything obvious
please let me know:


- please don't post HTML emails. They may seem appropriate for marketing
but they are not appropriate for a technical mailing list. Just because
your MUA can display them properly doesn't mean that mine can

- please don't put in 40 line disclaimers. We aren't going to read them
and as you are posting to a public mailing list they are a kind of pointless

- when replying to previous emails try "snipping". There's no point in
reposting several hundred lines of logs etc., to simply say two words

- Subject lines serve a purpose. Please use them and DO NOT hijack threads.

- Please read the MAQ/FAQ and other documentation. The most common
issues have been covered many times in the past.

- Wording your questions properly will help avoid getting "larted" /
 Please read http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html if you
are unsure what this means.

- The output of MailScanner -v is useful.

- Help us help you. We cannot "guess" what you are doing or using. (see

- Out of Office replies may serve a purpose but sending them to a
mailing list is _not_ it.

- If you insist on "protecting" yourself with CR whitelist the list.

- please don't "top post". There may be valid reasons for doing it in
some contexts, but if you're only sending a two liner do we really need
an entire copy of the last message to the list?

- Be patient. You may be having a rough day, but most regulars on the
list work for a living too


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