Question about custom functions / generic spam plugin: Can they add headers?

Stijn Jonker SJCJonker at SJC.NL
Mon Oct 10 04:38:30 IST 2005

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Hello all,

There is currently a requirement popping up to add to headers for all
email towards an domain:
X-SMTP-From: <containing sender email>
X-SMTP-To: <containing recipient(s) email>

Before diving in writing my own libmilter function/program I was
thinking of the custom function and/or the generic spam plugin.

Whilst reading the book it didn't become really clear whether either of
them can do it. I checked the source and although some experience at
perl I'm unsure if i can call the functions AddHeader/ChangeHeader from
the various mailer pm's suchs as

Therefore my question, is this possible?

Thanks in advance,
Met Vriendelijke groet/Yours Sincerely
Stijn Jonker <SJCJonker at>

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