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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 30 21:42:31 GMT 2005

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On 30/11/05, Ken Goods <KGoods at> wrote:
> Bingo, oh wise one!

I wouldn't know about "wise" (my wife would certainly have something
to say about that:-)...

> [root at gw-mail mail]# /usr/bin/clamscan --version
> ClamAV 0.85.1/705/Fri Feb 11 08:51:32 2005
> [root at gw-mail mail]# /usr/local/bin/clamscan --version
> ClamAV 0.87.1/1198/Tue Nov 29 02:05:20 2005
> Ouch!


> Thanks a ton Glenn! I have been fighting this off and on through every
> upgrade I've done. All because I had a problem with an install about a year
> ago and strayed from Julian's install script and installed from someone
> else's RPMs. Then when that didn't work well I went back to Jule's script.
> Thought I had got rid of everything back then but obviously not!

I hope the "instructions" were clear enough... You could probably get
some help on which rpms need be deleted from "egrep -i clam
/var/log/rpmpkgs" ... ISTR the RH9 had that file ... else do "rpm -qa
| egrep -i clam".
While you're at it, consider updating to a newer distro ... RH9 can
live through fedoralegacy, true, but.... why not go for something less
... unsupported... I hear a lot about CentOS, and am a Mandriva fan
myself (yes, even for servers:-).

> I'll figure this *nix thing out eventually! :)

Mostly a question of "good administration". Find a method of keeping
"things" (user accounts, OS:s, whatever) and stick with it... And be
prepared to do knowledgeable sidesteps like "I'll keep all systems
current via RPM and yum,_but_ the really important bits (clamav,
apache, whatever) built from source..." ... And be prepared to do huge
amount of reading, testing, tweaking and frobbing;-)
-- Glenn
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