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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Nov 30 21:55:11 GMT 2005

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Roger Poore wrote:
> Hi all--
> A number of our users are starting to get really fed up with the amount
> of pornographic spam they are getting.  Some gets tagged as {Spam?} and
> some doesn't.  I've got a few rules that check the header but that
> doesn't catch that much.  More recently--as in yesterday--I added a
> couple domain lists from mailpolice:
> (mailscanner.conf)
> (corresponding spam.lists.conf)
> # from:
> NO-PORN-MP            
> NO-ADULT-MP           
> # consolidated list of fraud, porn, and bulk
> NO-DYNAMIC-MP         
> Does anyone have any other suggestions for tagging this junk as spam?
> Does razor and pyzor help?  I just installed both.

Yes, they do help on some of them.

I'd also suggest adding on the "specific" and "adult" rulesets from

The specific ruleset has signatures for many of those geocities website based
pornspams, and the adult ruleset has some extra rules for detecting adult
content beyond what SA comes with.

If you're new to add-on rulesets, just download them and copy the .cf file into
/etc/mail/spamassassin. Then issue a reload of MailScanner to get it to re-parse
all the SA rules.

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