sophos-wrapper IDE directory

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at CHIME.UCL.AC.UK
Wed Nov 9 11:38:50 GMT 2005


I am using MailScanner with Sophos on a Solaris 8, intel box.  I am 
very pleased with how it works.  Ever since I started using this 
configuration I have had to tweak default settings so that the sophos-
wrapper script had the correct path to the Sophos IDE files.  I used 
to tweak the sophos-wrapper script each time I upgraded, but I have 
now used a soft link to make it work.  Does any one think the sophos-
wrapper script should be modified.

The situation is this:

The Sophos install, out-of-the-box, no changes installs to the 
following directories:

/usr/local/bin  - Executables
/usr/local/lib   - Libraries
/usr/local/sav  - Virus library and identity files

The MailScanner sophos-wrapper script is configured expecting the IDE 
files to be in PREFIX/ide, thus:


I notice that the sophos-autoupdate script also looks in this 
directory.  I don't use this to update as I am using the EM Library 
to manage updates across the department.

My question is, does other installs of Sophos put the IDE files in 
the ide directory?  In which case should there be some form of check 
for OS?  If this is the default for all installs, can the sophos-
wrapper script be updated to reflect this?

Anthony Peacock       
CHIME, Royal Free & University College Medical School
"It is a sobering thought, for example, that when Mozart was 
my age, he had been dead for two years." - Tom Lehrer

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