Postfix 2.2 and hashed mail queues

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Thu Mar 31 19:48:08 IST 2005

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As of Postfix 2.2 Wietse has decided that it is no longer a requirement
for Postfix to run hashed mail queues (Because of advances in file
systems). MailScanner insists on finding hashed queue files. Now while it
is possible to tell Postfix to hash incoming and deferred (As required by
MS) but Postfix only makes the hash directories based on the incoming
mail messages, e.g. message 0xxxxxxxxxx arrives, hash directory
/var/spool/postfix/incoming/0 is created, no others. In the mean time
MailScanner is throwing out errors to log and is not processing mail
until it finds all the hash directories. Even if I make them manually,
when I stop and start or even re-load Postfix they are removed.

Is there any way that you could get MS to check which type of queue it
has and process accordingly? I have had to roll back to Postfix 2.1.5
just to get mail moving.



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