Julian, [SA-SPAM] and the lovely AWL

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Thu Mar 31 19:31:27 IST 2005

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        Ok, finally some sanity!

        Note the original reply from Julian that was tagged
once again my Spamassassin.  For the FIRST time, it's not
from the AWL!

        This is more an SA issue and for reference sake here
for those about as insane as I am from screwing with the
autowhitelist (AWL) settings.

        If you've ever run your MS/SA setup with AWL ON, then
it's been building up an AWL file in each of your user's
filebases.  One would've thought a more collective database
might make more sense, but on large volume systems I'm not
sure if lookups individually would work faster than from a
collective AWL situation.  Small systems, the individual
approach makes more sense for speed.

        So I went through changing all the locations where
the AWL should be disabled, saw in our headers is was
disabled, but yet it would randomly tag mail with an SA
AWL score of insane positive proportions.  Sadly Julian
seemed to be a fixation for this install, if there's a
post from him - tagged.

        With no responses here as to how to 'flush' the AWL,
figuring it's turned off but pulling info from somewhere,
I set out yesterday to dig through tons of SA/AWL pages
on the Net.  Finally, I located something somewhat irrelevant
to our situation, but that led me to find those individual
AWL databases.  They are in each domain's user file section,
once inside their account zone it's /.spamassassin and
located down inside.  Simply called auto-whitelist.

        I went into the account I use for this List and
found that file, renamed it to the point it'd never be
located by SA and DONE!

        Only reason Julian's post today was tagged was other
config items in the rulesets that trigger him slightly over
the limit and earn the [SA-SPAM] tag we assign.  Easily
fixable.  So the bad news is once you kill the AWL feature,
if you had it running for any period of time you must go
in and either delete that AWL file for each user in each
domain on your box, or rename it so it can't be found.

        Now, the only other problem that IS MailScanner
related and has been mentioned here in the last week is
that Julian posted several times today and only ONE of
those was scanned by MS/SA?  I see MS tags for SpamCheck,
gives no results, but it's either passing the mail on as
OK and then not allowing SA to touch it or it's just mod'ing
the header with MS info and never processing it?  We've
seen that on a slew of mail, appears it's missing like 25%
of the traffic.  Doesn't sound right.

        We did insert this List into the 'don't touch' conf
files, but that's also applied at what appears to be random.

        Any thoughts?


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