MailScanner now on the fritz

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Wed Mar 30 15:48:47 IST 2005


        Apparently gone from bad to worse.  Determined we're
running MS 4.31.6, on an Ensim Pro box w/FC1, SA, ClamAV, etc.
We had reports from late yesterday and this morning that some
e-mail was taking over an hour to be delivered, even from 2
accounts within the same box.  So we took a look and found
some serious problems cropping up:

        Since the last Ensim Pro upgrade from 4.02-XX to 4.03-XX,
which apparently modified MailScanner (and other elements) in
some way, this sucker's just not right.

        The AWL issue still remains, randomly tags those who
apparently must be in an existing AWL file somewhere, that
seriously needs to be flushed as the AWL adjustment is always
a positive number (usually massive like in the 100's) and
instantly earns the e-mail a spam tag.

        In trying to perform the -v or --help commands, it turns
up errors regarding the lack of some config file as specified
in line 575 of the file.  According to posts, that
shouldn't be the case, those commands should produce a result.

        Now, since changing the SpamAssassin and AWL tags in
the conf files, we're suddenly seeing (using top) a constant
stream of zombie processes and 'defunct' MailScanner processes

        Kill the PID, new one comes up.  Should be running 5-8
processes tops, wants to run 12.  At least 5 are zombies and
keep respawning.  The top report shows them as MailScanner <defunct>
and zombied process.  Strange part is that one of the processes
seems to run just fine?

        Top that off with the fact that after changing the conf
files to the recently suggested 'disarm' to prevent MS from
nailing 'script in HTML' mail, that's back again?

        Restarted services multiple times, rebooted the server
to ensure everything is reset properly.  All that, zombies
and defunct's abound.

        Any clues out there?

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