Problems with BitDefender updtaes ?

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Wed Mar 30 15:30:49 IST 2005

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Michael H. Martel wrote:

> Hello!
> Is anyone else seeing problesm with the BitDefender updates ?  This 
> isn't a
> MailScanner issue per se, since it happens with :
> /opt/bdc/bdc --update
> But it causes the cronjob (update_virus_scanners.cron) to hang and not
> update other av scanners.

Same problem here yesterday on one server (others were running OK).  I 
noticed it when I didn't get McAfee updated on one server while the 3 
others did get updated.

Looks like their site is sometimes quite slow...

Didn't Julian put some timeout validation in recent versions of MS?  I 
know it's not there in 4.34/4.35.


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