[SA-SPAM] Re: MailScaner Version & flushing AWL

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Tue Mar 29 19:19:09 IST 2005

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> >>MailScanner -v
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> >>
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> >        Something must be fouled somewhere... Tried the -v
> command, got the same response (no matter where in the drive I tried to
> fire it up) error each time:
> >
> >        Cannot open config file -v, No such file or dir in etc, etc,
> >/Config.pm Line 575
> >
> >        Either I've got a fouled up install, I'm doing something
> >incredibly simple in a stupid way or I've completely missed
> something?
> >
> >
> Your version is too old to support the -v option. Look for
> the 'MailScanner starting' line in your maillog, that will
> tell you the version number.

        Ok, that turned up MailScanner Version 4.31.6, so Martin's
statement should mean it'd be in there.  Not sure if Ensim mangled
the thing beyond recall in their packaging, wouldn't be the first
time.  And a re-install from a separate package or upgrade from
a non-Ensim package risks either not being compatible with their
setups, overwritten in the next Ensim upgrade patch or fouling
something else up - unless someone around here has done an Ensim
modification using Ensim Pro 4.0.3-X?

        To produce those errors sounds more like the install has
a bug or is misconfigured, sounds like it should be working to
provide the version from the command line.

        Also, (as you'll note in the Subject) this thing is still
in love with you Julian!  As someone else mentioned it's not
tagging every last one of them since making that AWL=0 mod you
gave me the other day, but when it does actually handle your
posts it's picking up AWL info from somewhere.

        Is there a place/file that has the old AWL listings when
I had that option on that I can flush or delete so it has no
info to apply an AWL setting to?  In the headers autolearn=disabled
so it certainly seems to have stopped the AWL from learning
anything new but it still applies points from anyone who was
in the 'list' previously.



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