MailScaner suddenly starting up with content issues after upgrade?

Dave Duffner - PSCGi webalizer at NWCWEB.COM
Mon Mar 28 19:48:55 IST 2005

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> You mean SpamAssassin is 3.0.2, not MailScanner. You should
> be running MailScanner version 4.something.

        Yep, that's what I get for reading headers!  The SA
is the recent upgrade, but an Ensim patch did do something
to MailScanner as well.

        Tried --help with MS, is there a command or a file
to scope out that determines what version of MailScanner
we're running?

> Find the spam.assassin.prefs.conf and add a line in it that
> says use_auto_whitelist 0 That should switch off the AWL.

        Wasn't there, is now, we'll keep tabs on it.  Swear
it had been put in there but believe that may have been
deleted in the patching.  Ensim loves to put out destructive

> For the forms, find MailScanner.conf and set
> Allow Form Tags = disarm
> I will probably change the default to that now anyway, it is
> much more useful that way.

        Actually, we took Stephen's advice on that issue and
just set all of those to 'disarm' to see if that improves
things on a whole that were being incorrectly tagged.


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