MailScaner suddenly starting up with content issues after upgrade?

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at FSL.COM
Mon Mar 28 18:58:04 IST 2005

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> upgrade?
> You mean SpamAssassin is 3.0.2, not MailScanner. You should be running
> MailScanner version 4.something.
> Find the spam.assassin.prefs.conf and add a line in it that says
> use_auto_whitelist 0
> That should switch off the AWL.
> For the forms, find MailScanner.conf and set
> Allow Form Tags = disarm
> I will probably change the default to that now anyway, it is much more
> useful that way.

I'd vote for that. Most of our customers set:

        Allow IFrame Tags = disarm
        Allow Form Tags = disarm
        Allow Script Tags = disarm
        Allow WebBugs = disarm
        Allow Object Codebase Tags = disarm

And then a few add rule sets for to allow some sites, but disarm is safe and
seems to be acceptable at most sites.


Steve Swaney
Fortress Systems Ltd.
steve.swaney at

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