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G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at WHIDBEY.COM
Mon Mar 28 10:57:59 IST 2005

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I have one system in which my whitelists seem to be completely ignored.
I have these lines in MailScanner.conf:

%rules-dir% = /etc/MailScanner/rules

Is Definitely Not Spam = %rules-dir%/spam.whitelist.rules
Allow Form Tags = %rules-dir%/formtag.whitelist.rules
Allow Script Tags = %rules-dir%/scripttag.whitelist.rules

I'm pretty sure my rules are in the right place:
[root at viscount rules]# pwd

I've carefully examined the actual filenames about a dozen times to make
sure I don't have any typos.

This is the contents of formtag.whitelist.rules:

From:   newsletter at        yes     #per Charlie
From:   Continental_Airlines_Inc at        yes     #per Shelly
To:     charlier        yes
To:     will    yes
To:     bartoo  yes
To:     shelly  yes
From:   dmaas at   yes
From:   gkoski at        yes     #per Tim
From:   updatemembers at SUITE101.COM      yes
From:   PCW at yes
FromOrTo:       default no

All of the "From:" entries in there are an attempt to pass mail that
should already have been passed by the "To:" entries. All the whitespace
in those entries are tabs, although I'm sure they were converted to
spaces when I pasted that in here.

Can anybody see anything I've messed up? As far as I can tell, the
syntax I'm using on this server matches that which works just fine on my
other two servers.


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