Blocking Unknow Users

Rakesh rakesh at NETCORE.CO.IN
Wed Mar 23 09:36:30 GMT 2005

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Felipe Tonioli wrote:

>Hi All,
>Tks for the answers.
>I've tried to install milter but cant understand how he works...
>I'm using sendmail Brian and Rakesh answer that i can do this using
>sendmail only.
>blah at   OK
>with the above example, blash at will be accepted right ?

>but what are you rejecting for ?
We are doing that so that we do not accept any other mail other than one
intended for blah at For e.g. as per current settings blah at
will be accepted and xyz at, abc at and similar others will be
rejected. Now since you cannot predict what recipient the spammer might
try to forge in its better that you reject the entire domain itself.    REJECT

actually  means that all the mails for should be rejected. But
the lookup is from top to bottom. So when a mail comes in for
blah at it matches OK and gets accepted, but when the mail comes in
for somebody else, the lookup first rights to match with blah at
but fails and so proceeds to the next entry which is the domain name and
has REJECT so the mail is finally rejected.

If you try to swap the order of entries like   REJECT
blah at   OK

then you will land up rejecting all the mails for including the
ones intended for blah at

>can you explaim better for me ?
Hope the earlier explanation suits you :)

>this configuration will be addedd to access right ?
yes, or whatever that checks for the recipient access (in the language
of postfix). Ne ways don't confuse with it.

>tks in advance
thanks for the advance :-)

Rakesh B. Pal
Emergic CleanMail Team.
Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you. Then you win."
                                                - M. Gandhi

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