Has the list died?

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Stephen Swaney wrote:
| The list does have a nice
| Steve Swaney
| President
| Fortress Systems Ltd.
| Phone: 202 338-1670
| Cell: 202 352-3262
| www.fsl.com
| steve.swaney at fsl.com
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|>Jiscmail contract is up for renewal soon anyway..
|>Martin Hepworth
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| Definitely off topic but since someone else started it :)
| The listserver does have a nice searchable archive feature. I believe you
| can add searchable archives to mailman but has anyone tried implementing
| this feature?  Any comments on how well the mailman searchable archives
| work?
Sorry to say, bit since we are off topic. Whenever I hear mailman I get
the shivers. sympa.org or escartis for a real mailing list manager
*ducks* :=)

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