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Peter Russell wrote:

> Take a bit of effort to do this?

Not really, it's scriptable.

> So i guess people do spend money on
> gambling and viagra after see this sp[am? or the spammers would bother?

Yes, although the effort is so low it only takes 1 buyer to make it
worth posting a few hundred thousand ads.

And never underestimate the number of stupid people out there who will
believe anything they read. After all, look at how successful email
viruses are. Even badly written ones manage to get enough people to
click the attachment that they propagate.

> Does anyone have any stats on how successful spam is a money making tool?
Stats? no. However, there are plenty of interviews in the press with
various spammers who are making quite a good profit. Most of these
outfits are selling sugar pills in place of real Viagra, so the price
paid by the customer is almost pure profit.

The big fish like Alan Ralsky turn in quite a significant profit each
year. Eddy Marin once claimed a quarter with $750,000 in revenue 80%
being profit (that would scale to 2.4 million in profit per year).

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