Problem releasing a message

Isi Lawson isi at DAGGERSDEN.NET
Fri Mar 11 04:24:52 GMT 2005

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here are all the gory details:

[root at abaddon htdocs]# hostname

/etc/hosts (related bits)
[root at abaddon htdocs]# more /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost abaddon

detail.php - don't think i missed anything and i updated the 'host' from
'localhost' as suggested in another mail

   // Fix by Glenn Steen, to set an arbitrary smtp host
   $mail_param = array('host' => QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST);
   $body = $mime->get();
   $hdrs = $mime->headers($hdrs);
   $mail =& Mail::factory("smtp",$mail_param);

conf.php - quarantine setings

// Quarantine settings
define(QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST, "localhost.localdomain");
define(QUARANTINE_FROM_ADDR, 'postmaster');
define(QUARANTINE_SUBJECT, 'Message released from quarantine');
define(QUARANTINE_MSG_BODY, 'Please find the original message that was
quarantined attached to this mail. Regards,Postmaster');

I have changed the mail_host above to be a number of different things:, localhost.localdomain,, abaddon, localhost -> all with no luck.  What
i do see though in the maillog is that the connect from updates properly
- basically every where in snip below that has localhost.localdomain
changes to be whatever i set the above to be.  The one thing that does
not change are the two items that use only <localhost> in the second log

Interesting bit in the logs
Mar 10 23:06:13 abaddon postfix/smtpd[6676]: connect from

Mar 10 23:06:13 abaddon postfix/smtpd[6676]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from
localhost.localdomain[]: 504 <localhost>: Helo command
rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; from=<postmaster at localhost>
to=<demo at> proto=ESMTP helo=<localhost>

Mar 10 23:06:13 abaddon postfix/smtpd[6676]: lost connection after RCPT
from localhost.localdomain[]
Mar 10 23:06:13 abaddon postfix/smtpd[6676]: disconnect from

I confirmed that i am not blocking the traffic via the host firewall as
well. (pretty obvious since a connection is getting started but checked
anyway) :>)

Any thing else that might aid in troubleshooting please let me know.

-- Isi

Steen, Glenn wrote:

>Grmbl. That should work.
>Scott is likely right Isi.
>What do you have in /etc/hosts?
>What is the machines perceived hostname?
>What gave you set all the QUARANTINE_* things to in conf.php?
>Are you sure you've got no typos in the little fix?
>(Yeah, that last bit is fumbling after sraws....:-).
>-- Glenn

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