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Chris Conn wrote on         Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:45:31 -0500:

from yoru first posting:
> in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ I have: 

> in /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf I have:

SA will use whatever file has been configured as the SA conf in 
mailscanner.conf. If that is /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf 
your sa-learn run did use a *different* config file ( and 
possibly a different bayes file, too! I always recommend using only the and change it in mailscanner.conf accordingly. That way you 
*always* use the same SA setup.

> 228547 entries kept, 375363 deleted

wow! look at this, it expires more than half of the db! If that happens 
daily it means the usefulness of the db will diminish drastically. You 
should consider upping the limit quite a bit. (I haven't seen any ill 
effects with 1 mio. token dbs.)

> 114 seconds. 
> Even while MailScanner was running, no timeouts, no expire dead files. 

Look at the time! 114 seconds! default timeouts is 120 secs. It's obvious 
that you are so near that limit that you hit it often enough. Each time 
you hit the limit the expiry process is called off and tried again with 
the next message. How much mail do you get thru the system? It seems to me 
that you can just do this via cron once a day during the night and you are 
fine. Shut it off in MS and go this way. There's absolutely no reason why 
you shouldn't be allowed to do this. It's also much cleaner and less 
ressource intensive since you can choose the time.

> ============ 
> What I find curious as well is that in the logs, MailScanner claims to 
> have finished the rebuild: 

I agree that's weird. Maybe I misinterpret your situation.

How many mail is actually running thru your system? Per second or per 

> My MailScanner-induced expiry ran for a total of 1.5 minutes and ENDED 
> AT 10pm, yet these files are still being created 3 hours later??? 

Run another force-expire and look if it still expires or not. But make 
sure you use the same config file and bayes db as the MS setup.


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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