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Michael H. Martel martelm at QUARK.VSC.EDU
Tue Mar 8 15:27:59 GMT 2005

--On Tuesday, March 8, 2005 2:29 PM +0000 Julian Field
<MailScanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK> wrote:

> I haven't upgraded it as I haven't seen any problems with 1.50. Take a
> look at the MailTools Change Log and let me know if there is anything
> major in there between 1.50 and 1.66.

To my untrained eye, I think I spot some stuff in here that would be
considered major and usefull.

version 1.66: Thu Jan 20 10:16:10 CET 2005

        - Extended explanation that Mail::Address is limited.

        - Added examples/, contributed by [Bruno Negr?o]

        - use Mail::Mailer qw(mail) sets default mailer.  Doc update by
          [Slavan Rezic]

        - Mail::Mailer::smtp now can authenticate SSL [Aaron J. Mackey]

version 1.65: Wed Nov 24 15:43:17 CET 2004

        - Remove "minimal" comments from Mail::Address

        - [Dan Grillo] suggested some improvements to Mail::Address::name(),
          and some more were added.

        - [Slavan Rezic] small typo.

version 1.64: Tue Aug 17 22:24:22 CEST 2004

        - CPAN failed to index 1.63 correctly, so hopefully it will
          work now.

version 1.63: Mon Aug 16 17:28:15 CEST 2004

        - [Craig Davison] Fixed date format in Mail::Field::Date to
          comply to the RFC

        - [Alex Vandiver] patched the email address parser to be able
          to understand a list of addresses separated by ';', as Outlook
          does. The ';' is the group separator, which was not understood
          by MailTools before, but valid according to the RFCs.

        - [Torsten Luettgert] found that field labels like '-' where not
          beautified correctly.

        - [Slavan Rezic] Updated doc in Mail::Mailer: referred to $command
          which doesn't mean anything, and "testfile" is working

        - [chris] Mail::Message::Field::wellformedName() will upper-case
          *-ID as part in the fieldname.

version 1.62: Wed Mar 24 13:29:27 CET 2004

        - [Reuven M. Lerner], removed warning by Mail::Address::host()
          when no e-mail address is provided.

        - [Ville Skytta] contributed another Mail::Mailer::testfile fix

version 1.61: Wed Mar 10 10:51:44 CET 2004

        - [Erik Van Roode] ->

        - [J?r?me Dion] corrected the folding of lines: folds start only
          with one blank according to rfc2822.

        - Added a big warning against automatic sender email address
          detection as provided by Mail::Util::mailaddress().  Please
          explicitly set MAILADDRESS. This after a discussion with
          [Wolfgang Friebel].

        - Mail::Address->format should quote phrases with weird character.
          Patched based on patch by [Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt]

        - [Ruslan U. Zakirov] reported confusing error message when no
          MailerType was specified.

        - [Steve Roberts] fixed folding to produce longer lines.

version 1.60: Wed Sep 24 09:20:30 CEST 2003

        - [Henrique Martins] found that enclosing parenthesis where not
          correctly stripped when processing a Mail::Address.

        - [Tony Bowden] asked for a change in Mail::Address::name, where
          existing (probably correct) capitization is left intact.  The
          _extract_name() can be called as method, is needed, such that
          it can be extended.

version 1.59: Wed Aug 13 08:13:00 CEST 2003

        - Patch by [Shafiek Rasdien] which adds Mail::Internet::smtpsend
          option MailFrom.

        - [Ziya Suzen] extended Mail::Mailer::test to provide more
          test information.

        - Added SWE (Sender Waranted E-mail) as abbreviation in field
          names which is always in caps, on request by [Ronnie Paskin]

        - Added SOAP and LDAP as abbreviation in field names which is
          always in caps.

version 1.58: Tue Jan 14 14:42:29 CET 2003

        - And again utf8 [Philip Molter]

version 1.57: Tue Jan 14 09:47:46 CET 2003

        - Added myself to the copyright notices... dates needed an update
          as well.

        - Typos in Mail::Internet [Florian Helmberger]

        - More tries to program around perl5.8.0's uc/lc-utf8 bugs in
          regexps [Autrijus Tang and Philip Molter]

version 1.56: Mon Jan  6 17:13:17 CET 2003

        - And again, the patches of Autrijus had to be adapted to run on
          a perl 5.6.1 installation.  Thanks to [Philip Molter]

version 1.55: Mon Jan  6 08:05:58 CET 2003

        - One explicit utf8::downgrade for 5.8.0, this time for
          Mail::Address by [Autrijus Tang].

version 1.54: Mon Jan  6 08:00:00 CET 2003

        - Another try to avoid the utf8 problems, this time by
          [Philip Molter]

        - Two explicit utf8::downgrades for 5.8.0, this time for
          Mail::Field by [Autrijus Tang].

version 1.53: Mon Dec  9 17:53:27 CET 2002

        - New try on work-around for bug in perl 5.8.0 unicode \U within
          s/// Patched in Mail::Header by [Autrijus Tang]

version 1.52: Fri Nov 29 13:52:00 CET 2002

        - Work-around for bug in perl 5.8.0 unicode \U within s///
          Patched in Mail::Header by [Autrijus Tang]

version 1.51: Tue Oct 29 14:25:28 CET 2002

        - Mail::Util::maildomain() if no information about domains
          is found in, no error should be reported.
          [Vaughn Skinner]

        - Removed the possibility to use 'mailx', which was the
          default: removal from the detectionn routines and
          Strongly suggested by [Sebastian Krahmer]



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