Problem with MailScanner, postfix and corrupt mails

Stef Morrell stef at L5NET.NET
Mon Mar 7 17:21:05 GMT 2005

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> In, around line 271, there is a chunk of code 
> that looks like this:

I'll let you know if that makes a difference.

> Also, does this only happen to messages where MailScanner has 
> changed the body of the message, or only ones where it 
> hasn't, or both?

Not sure what you mean. If you mean as in (for example) phishing
protection where it inlines changes to HTML, then none of my samples
have that style of change. On the other hand, if you mean adding in a
"This email scanned by blah etc" type footer, then yes - but all
messages get the same footer. 

I can say it seems to happen only on scanned messages and not on those
which are delivered unscanned - ie, only have MS "I didn't scan this"
additional headers and therefore no body changes.

I've examples both in plain text and html and all (so far) are spam.
Having said that, MS didn't catch one out as spam, so that may or may
not help narrow it down. 

As a point of interest, I'd be intrigued to know how many of these
Robert gets. I'm only getting perhaps 1 in 30,000 email.


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