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Rakesh rakesh at NETCORE.CO.IN
Sat Mar 5 06:28:51 GMT 2005

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Have you tried this with Clamav versions > 0.82 ?. I tried to do the
same thing and tried to pass some extra parameters from the
clamav-wrapper of MailScanner. But it seems that the recent releases of
clamav like to be instructed only from the conf file and it started
showing warings in the maillog.

Also Clamav seems to be using the unrarlib library
( for its support to RAR archives. But
the website of its library claims that support for RAR3 is not currently
scheduled (it doesnt seem to be under any active development anymore)
and is hoping for some one to contribute the support. Also currently
there is not Perl module that is based on unrarlib. The only available I
came across was Archive::Rar and that too needs the unrar command to be
installed on your system.

I am looking at building RAR archive support in MailScanner, but that
definitely involves a lot of work, like first building RAR3 support in
unrarlib, then creating a Perl module from unrarlib and then build the
support in MailScanner itself.


Rick Cooper wrote:

>It's important to note that ClamAV only supports RAR v2, so the answer is:
>        Uncomment the ScanRar line in the config file
>but pass the --unrar[=FULLPATH] option (and of course have the latest unrar)
>if you really want to handle rar files because v2 is quite old and not
>likely to be used much anymore. If you are using clamavmodule then you
>cannot use the external unrar (which is why I patch my MS versions with
>specific unrar code/function every release).


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