Outstanding feature/fix requests?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sun Mar 6 19:32:07 GMT 2005


>> Its ok if you scan them all, but just throw away the results ;)

> The problem is handling a message with more than 1 recipient. If any of
> them want it to be scanned, it gets scanned. The results are attached to
> the message, not the recipient. So throwing away the results gives you a
> message where no-one got it scanned.
> Putting a ruleset on "Virus Scanning =" will do as much of a good job of
> it as possible.

Thats the same with tagging the subject on spams, and i can think of a
couple more. Thats the way it works, so thats nothing new ;) Thats why we
use rcpt splitting, one mail per rcpt, to make those options available per
user. So that we can live with i guess ;)

Possible to put it in like a regular ruleset?


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