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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Mar 6 19:09:59 GMT 2005

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Mike wrote:

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>>Does anyone know of any fixes or features they would like to see, that I
>>haven't yet done?
>Your work load isn't high enough??? ;-)
>Very well, I've been thinking of some features the last couple of weeks, so here's a list (I've /no/ idea if it's difficult to implement or even if there are more people who like these features):
>- Stop Spam checks (Spam Assassin) as soon as High Score is reached (e.g. if number of Spam Lists is larger than "Spam Lists To Reach High Score"). This is a fine tune of "Check SpamAssassin If On Spam List".
Possible. Don't do SpamAsassin if spam lists >= spam lists to reach high
score. Check SpamAssassin If Spam Lists Cause High Score. These
configuration options keep getting longer and longer names :(

Do other people want this one?

>- Stop Virus checks when at least X number of virus scanners say message contains a virus
Not possible. An entire batch is scanned at once, there is no way of
only scanning some messages some of the time. All you can do is throw
away the results of the scan, which is pretty pointless for what you
want to achieve.

>- No virus checks if High Score is reached and High Score Action = delete (and does not contain "store"), since virus checks seem to be executed /after/ the spam checks.
I suspect it does this already. The impact of scanning 1 extra message
in a batch is pretty small, so this may not help you much anyway. And,
as I said, it might already do this.

>- Archive only mail that is not Spam (either High and/or Low) and/or does not contain viruses and/or does not contain Bad Content
Archive Clean Non-Spam Mail. Possible but messy.

>- %spool% variable, so Incoming Queue Dir, Outgoing Queue Dir, Incoming Work Dir and Quarantine Dir can be rewritten as "%spool%/mqueue.in", etc.
You can do that already. You can define whatever %variables% you like,
mine are just a few example ones.
I will add %spool-dir% for you as another example in the conf file I ship.

>- All possible variables available in reports ($from, $to, $date, $subject, etc.). I seem to recall that not all variables are available in the reports. This has been a while since I last checked this, so maybe this is no longer the case.
There are still some limits here, I will add them on request.

Julian Field
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