RFC: CRM114 intergration something that some would use?

Felix Schwarz Felix.Schwarz at WEB.DE
Sun Mar 6 17:37:51 GMT 2005

Hi all,

David H. wrote:
> Finally I think I have found a way to contribute back to the MailScanner
> community. I believe that bayes does a reasonable job, but looking at recent
> writing and http://crm114.sourceforge.net/ I do feel that it would be a good
> enhancement to MailScanner.

> I consider this a serious project, based on your input I would either
> implement it only for my systems or try to come up with a solution and
> contribute the patches.

I would be very interested in the possibility using other spam filters
besides SpamAssin with MailScanner. CRM114 integration would be nice
thing if it could lead to a general spam filter interface - ideally
with some plugin functionality.

And CRM114 seems to be a good choice for using it within MailScanner.
One thing is that Bayes filters are working best if they are trained
by their users so you should consider adding some get-the-username
layer which may cause some problems as mailscanner sees no real users
but only email addresses.
Therefore a mapping for email -> user name (for resolving aliases etc)
would be nice. This could be separated from the spam filter.

Using CRM114 from SpamAssassin is possible but not that nice because
afaik there is no possibility for a SpamAssassin-Plugin return a score
such as 10%,20%,... (only true or false seems to be possible) and it
is not easily possible modifying mail header from a plugin.

I would be interested in helping with developing a CRM114 plugin for
MailScanner as it may help (me/others) writing a DSPAM plugin. :-)


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