RFC: CRM114 intergration something that some would use?

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Sun Mar 6 16:51:14 GMT 2005

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Finally I think I have found a way to contribute back to the MailScanner
community. I believe that bayes does a reasonable job, but looking at recent
writing and http://crm114.sourceforge.net/ I do feel that it would be a good
enhancement to MailScanner.

There is a milter based solution for Sendmail users which is based on
Sendmail::Milter. As a sendmail user this is a solution I would prefer, since
it is quite easy to add custom rules to Spamassassin to watch for the CRM114

However I feel that this is something that would limit its use and I wonder
how this could be implemented with MailScanner directly. The question is
whether this should run as a custom function or be more tightly integrated
into MailScanner. I would like to have a way to influence MailScanner scoring
based on the values returned by CRM114. Either by adding appropriate rule sets
to Spamassassin (which implies the CRM114 check has to run before
Spamassassin) or by somehow modifying the total score at the end of the run.

I consider this a serious project, based on your input I would either
implement it only for my systems or try to come up with a solution and
contribute the patches.

Thank you.

- -d
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