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Wed Mar 2 22:40:15 GMT 2005

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John Rudd wrote:

> On Mar 2, 2005, at 13:06, Mike Bacher wrote:
>> John Rudd wrote:
>>> On Mar 2, 2005, at 6:29 AM, Julian Field wrote:
>>>> We are pleased to announce SMGateway, the first Secure Mail Gateway
>>>> product from Fortress Systems Ltd.
>>> - Active Directory Authentication?  What about Kerberos?  (POP/IMAP is
>>> good enough for us (since those check against our Kerberos pass
>>> phrases), but I'm curious if you're doing AD via LDAP, or AD via
>>> Kerberos, or some other aspect of AD authentication I'm not aware of
>>> ... and if you're doing it via AD's LDAP functionality, I wonder why
>>> you didn't also list LDAP authentication in the blurb)
>> Recipient checking is available via LDAP and milter-ahead (basically,
>> it opens a
>> persistent SMTP channel to the mailhub and does RCPT TO's, with some
>> intelligent caching)
> So, what exactly is milter-ahead?


> Hm.  So, does that mean that if you move toward supporting Solaris you
> would:
> a) require the customer to have RPM on Solaris? (we used to do all of a
> bunch of internal solaris packaging with rpm's at Cygnus)
> b) support Solaris pkg's?
> c) come up with a tar based distribution?

Probably (c), else (b).

>>> now.  Does SMGateway support this (Ie. users only have to set their
>>> options on one machine, instead of having to touch all 4 of them?).
>>> My
>>> impression is that because you're using MailWatch, which I thought
>>> uses
>>> mysql for various things, then it might be possible to put the mysql
>>> database on a separate machine, and thus have multiple work-horse
>>> machines that all use 1 configuration database.  Is that an
>>> appropriate/accurate assumption?
>> That would require SMCluster, which isn't out yet.. (we have the same
>> config, and need it too)
> - Also, we use an array of machines to do our mailscanner work right
> How long until it's out (ball park).  We can probably eval the
> stand-alone version without any problem, but when we go to deployment,
> we'll most definitely need the clustering support.

Later this year.

> Oh, one other thing: what other parts of the mail system are you going
> to support?  For example, if we have problems with the domain stuff in
> sendmail, are you going to support that, or just the domain parts of
> SMGateway/SMCluster?  If we had questions and stuff about SSL and
> SMTP-Auth, and doing the same exact user authentication as we're doing
> for the web configuration stuff (ex. proxy it off to the IMAP server),
> would you have help/information/etc. around that?

We haven't done this yet. You will need to discuss that with us off-list
to see what can be done for you here.

Julian Field
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