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John Rudd wrote:

> So, what exactly is milter-ahead?  Is this just a few checks that are
> done as part of a milter, or is this doing the full mailscanner
> implementation in a milter?

> (and, what we do now is distribute an aliases file to each of our
> sendmail boxes, and those are how we get valid vs not-valid address
> support for our scanning boxes; the file is automated generated every
> few hours, and the sendmail boxes also periodically/automatically
> import it; part of this is a legacy issue and part of it is because our
> older mailing list system uses the aliases file for lists)

You wouldn't need to do that anymore.

> Do domains have default forwards?  It might be interesting to say that
> the default forward for a given domain is to send it to mailhub A, and
> the default domain to send it to for a second domain is mailhub B, but
> not allow users to over-ride that, and yet still have this recipient
> checking going on to insure that the end address is valid.

I think the only way to do it is to define a per-domain mailhost.  But, if you are doing
it via an automated API method, it shouldn't matter.  My understanding is that the config
data is stored in MySQL, and then a process takes that data and pushes into the LDAP database.

> Hm.  So, does that mean that if you move toward supporting Solaris you
> would:
> a) require the customer to have RPM on Solaris? (we used to do all of a
> bunch of internal solaris packaging with rpm's at Cygnus)
> b) support Solaris pkg's?
> c) come up with a tar based distribution?
> (I think any of those is fine, just curious what direction you might go)

Would be a question for Stephen.  I think the idea behind the RPM thing was ease of
upgrades/maintainability.  My vote would be for a tar based distro..

> How long until it's out (ball park).  We can probably eval the
> stand-alone version without any problem, but when we go to deployment,
> we'll most definitely need the clustering support.

I think they are shooting for sometime late this year, not sure though..


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