I am looking for the ham and spam files

Fri Jul 15 00:07:59 IST 2005

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Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
>> Subject: Re: I am looking for the ham and spam files
> Which one is spam and which one is ham?  Bayes_seen or bayes_toks?

Actually neither...

> So it would be:
> Sa-learn --showdots --mbox --spam bayes_toks(or)bayes_seen	?

Not quite, sa-learn expects e-mails to learn *from*

Since you're specifying --mbox format it would be:

sa-learn --showdots --mbox --spam {path to a mailbox full of spams in mbox


sa-learn --showdots --mbox --ham {path to a mailbox full of hams in mbox

In my case I created a spam user and mailbox to fetch un-caught spam from my
exchange server and once I populate the spam user's mbox with these
un-caught spams I run:

sa-learn --showdots --mbox --spam /var/spool/mail/spam

I noticed others have already addressed your other question about the
starter DB (which worked very well for me BTW) and hope this clears up your
sa-learn question.

Kind regards,

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