BIND vs ncsd

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight michele at BLACKNIGHT.IE
Thu Jul 14 23:42:51 IST 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 08:38 +1000, Peter Russell wrote:
> I have 3 RHEL4 servers, i wish to use some form of caching name service. 
> as i understand it nscd is installed and thats it. Or can install the 
> caching name service for BIND and then change the resolv conf to point 
> to the local host first?
> According to the network guys the mailscanner servers are hammering his 
> DNS server and he wants me to reduce the traffic (i wouldnt have thought 
> it would be a big deal with only 6-10k messages per day?).
> Which method is most desirable? Or is there a better way?
Caching the DNSBLs I presume?
If so you should look at rbldnsd.

My howto may help (or hinder) you:


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