OT Configuring DCC and Razor

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Jul 14 21:31:42 IST 2005

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Billy A. Pumphrey wrote:
>>Subject: Re: OT Configuring DCC and Razor
> Probably a question that is going against the design of services:
> Example
> Mailwatch does a spamassassin lint check under the apache user
> (correct?).  Which means that it gives different results or errors that
> if it is ran with the "correct" user, such as root.  This could be
> misleading because I might think that my spamassassin has problems and
> it really doesn't.
> So the question is, should the best practice be to have everything that
> is installed to do with MailScanner use the same user?

There is a problem... if you use Sendmail as MTA with mailscanner, then
you must run MailScanner as root.  MailWatch runs as the web server
user.  Do you want your web server to run as root?  No (security).

All the other plugins used with MailScanner will run as the user
MailScanner is using.

I'm aware of this mess and I only use the --lint test in MailWatch is to
get the time reports with the colors.

If you find a solution, plese let us know...


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