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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Jul 13 16:32:24 IST 2005

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Hancock, Scott wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm trying to figure out a way to reject all mail signed with my domain.
> I know the only IP addresses that should be allowed to use
> in the sender so all others can be rejected.
> Exim 4.52  -  an ACL operates on the envelope sender.  Not what I want
> right?

Right, although you could get some value from checking the envelope sender. It
wouldn't be a comprehensive solution, but it would be a start. (A lot of forged
messages have the envelope sender matching the From: header, such as most of the
viruses that forge mail from "webmaster at")

> SA 3.0 - will look at the header.  Do I write a custom rule?

You could, it would have to be a group of 3 rules, 1 checks the received to see
if it's your domain, 1 checks the from to see if it is your domain, and a meta
rule that fires if the from matches but received doesn't.

> MS 4.41 - With a custom rule in place do I whitelist my IP's here?
> SPF - I haven't looked into this yet.  Should I start here?

SPF would work very well for this. Forgery detection is really what SPF is
designed to do.

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