upgrade question: etc or opt?

Sylvain Phaneuf sylvain.phaneuf at IMSU.OXFORD.AC.UK
Mon Jul 4 11:12:02 IST 2005

Hi everyone,

here are my semi-annual dumb questions. Sorry, I am not a linux expert... 

I have been running MS first on RedHat then on SuSE for a few years now, using tarball installations. MailScanner wasinstalling in /opt and I was using scripts to start/stop MS from /opt/MailScanner/bin (and /etc/init.d/sendmail for the MTA). Last week, I upgraded one SuSE box  with the new SuSE-specific tarball which install the lot in /etc/MailScanner. It's all neat, but the suggested startup script starts both MailScanner and Sendmail. I would feel better starting the two applications separately to give me more flexibility. For example, to apply a change rapidly to MailScanner, I woulds like to restart it, but not restart Sendmail. 

1. Is there an advantage having MailScanner in /etc as opposed to /opt?
2. Should I bother splitting up the /etc/inti.d/MailScanner startup file to get separate MailScanner and Sendmail startup files? or someone has done it and would be happy to share them with me?

I am sorry if this was discussed before. I have checked the MAQ and FAQ this morning and cannot find anyting. 

Well done again Julian, and to all on this very active support group. 


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