upgrade question: etc or opt?

Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Jul 4 11:47:55 IST 2005

On 4 Jul 2005, at 11:12, Sylvain Phaneuf wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> here are my semi-annual dumb questions. Sorry, I am not a linux  
> expert...
> I have been running MS first on RedHat then on SuSE for a few years  
> now, using tarball installations. MailScanner wasinstalling in /opt  
> and I was using scripts to start/stop MS from /opt/MailScanner/bin  
> (and /etc/init.d/sendmail for the MTA). Last week, I upgraded one  
> SuSE box  with the new SuSE-specific tarball which install the lot  
> in /etc/MailScanner. It's all neat, but the suggested startup  
> script starts both MailScanner and Sendmail. I would feel better  
> starting the two applications separately to give me more  
> flexibility. For example, to apply a change rapidly to MailScanner,  
> I woulds like to restart it, but not restart Sendmail.

service MailScanner reload
does what you want.

> 1. Is there an advantage having MailScanner in /etc as opposed to / 
> opt?

It doesn't install it all in /etc, only the customisable files and  
configuration files. MailScanner itself is installed in /usr/sbin  
and /usr/lib/MailScanner. These fit in with the standard filesystem  
layouts used by applications, and mean that you don't have to mess  
with root's path or anything like that. You also won't have to write  
your own init.d script!

> 2. Should I bother splitting up the /etc/inti.d/MailScanner startup  
> file to get separate MailScanner and Sendmail startup files? or  
> someone has done it and would be happy to share them with me?

There is already a split in there. Run the init.d script without a  
parameter and it will list the options available, just like any other  
init.d script.

> I am sorry if this was discussed before. I have checked the MAQ and  
> FAQ this morning and cannot find anyting.
> Well done again Julian, and to all on this very active support group.

No problem. By not using the appropriate distribution for your  
system, you are making life very hard for yourself.
Julian Field
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