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Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Mon Feb 14 19:44:02 GMT 2005

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Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Pete Russell wrote:
>> Hi there, was thinking about installing bit defender seeing as the
>> license permits me to use it for free.
>> Can anyone comment on whether this is worth using at all?
>> Because i searched the arcvhives and found some posts from JF and he was
>> saying it wasnt really that great, but these are 2 year old posts -
>> anyone know if its improved since then? is it better than etrust/ca ? or
>> is it a waste of time?
>> Pete
> Here are my stats for the last week:
> found 12437 infected messages
> 1025 messages detected only by McAfee
>   3 messages detected only by Bitdefender
> 187 messages detected only by MailScanner
> MS detection: filename rules (no EXE, BAT, ...).  As you can see there
> were only ~ 1200 messages detected by only one scanner.  Most of them ~
> 11200 were detected by more than one.
> I use Bitdefender but I don't really like it.  I don't think they
> provide much support for it.  If it weren't for Clam's false positives
> about some file types heavily used here I would change Bitdefender for
> Clam any time!
> Denis
Why replace Bitdefender with ClamAV?
Just use them both.
You can never be too rich, too good looking, or have too many virus
  I have to agree with you that BitDefender isn't the first to be
updated, but it is a good backup defense "just in case".
I had my McAfee hosed about a year ago because of an update problem.
Been using BitDefender and ClamAV along side since then. I always see
mail that was only detected by one and not the others.
And ClamAV was the first to spot many of the Phishing frauds now out.

Now if someone could just invent the internet version of Ductape!

"If you have ever eaten crow,
It don't taste like chicken!!"

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