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Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Mon Feb 14 19:37:42 GMT 2005

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Dhawal Doshy wrote:
> Pete Russell wrote:
>> Hi there, was thinking about installing bit defender seeing as the
>> license permits me to use it for free.
>> Can anyone comment on whether this is worth using at all?
>> Because i searched the arcvhives and found some posts from JF and he was
>> saying it wasnt really that great, but these are 2 year old posts -
>> anyone know if its improved since then? is it better than etrust/ca ? or
>> is it a waste of time?
>> Pete
> A reply I received today from the bitdefender team..
> ---------------------------------------------------
> The bdc scanner is free to use. If you want to protect your emails
> against spam and viruses, you have to buy BitDefender for mailserver.
> But you can try it before buying the product by downloading it from:
> For buying, please visit:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> My Question was:
> ---------------------------------------------------
>  > This URL for BitDefender Linux Edition says that its a freeware
>  > product, is this also the case for commercial usage?
>  >
>  >
>  > I am planning to use it with a third party scanner like amavis /
>  > qmail-scanner, please let me know if this is fine OR if I need to
>  > procure a license and if so then what is the cost for the same.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Confused I am!! should I continue using it OR buy a license.
> Technically I am happily willing to dump uvscan and replace it
> bitdefender as long as clam is also present. Clam incidently is our
> primary choice due to the efficient use of resources compared to uvscan
> & bitdefender. The hits (read viruses caught) for clam being higher than
> both uvscan and bitdefender (partly due to clam's phishing detection).
> I suggest you clarify with support at for licensing before
> you start using it. In any case I would recommend using clam.
> - dhawal
According to this link

"BitDefender Linux Edition is a freeware product,

  which doesn't require a license to be used."

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It don't taste like chicken!!"

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