Email whitelisted by MS - is it still checked for viruses?

Magda Hewryk MHewryk at SYMCOR.COM
Tue Feb 8 05:35:52 GMT 2005


I just want to make sure that even the mail is whitelisted by MS it is
still checked by anti-virus.
The control " Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed = 20" didn't work
because the spoofed sender sent out one email at a time.

I just need to know if "Virus and Content Scanning" runs against
whitelisted email?

Would you confirm.

Feb  7 23:47:40   MailScanner[31876]: Message j184iivk031331 from (  )is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:42   MailScanner[31876]: Message j184iRvn031300 from ( ) is whitelisted
 Feb  7 23:47:43  MailScanner[31842]: Message j184iBvk031259 from ( ) is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:44   MailScanner[31876]: Message j184ijvi031332 from ( ) is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:46  MailScanner[31842]: Message j184i9vk031256 from ( ) is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:46  MailScanner[31876]: Message j184iivi031330 from ( ) is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:49   MailScanner[31876]: Message j184iRvq031300 from ( ) is whitelisted
Feb  7 23:47:49   MailScanner[31842]: Message j184iBvi031259 from ( ) is whitelisted



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