Slightly OT: virtual hosting

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Fri Feb 4 20:43:53 GMT 2005

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Jason Balicki wrote:

>Hello all,
>First of all, if this is too OT, let me know (preferably
>with a suggestion as where to take the discussion --
>this is the only list I know of that has a good size
>community of mail admins that use all sorts of different
>MTA setups.)
>I've been a faithful MailScanner user for years now,
>and I love the package.
>However, I'm trying to consolidate several separate
>mail servers that I maintain under one roof (so
>to speak) and it seems like every virtual hosting
>solution has severe drawbacks.
Well, assuming you have enough bits to make one decent enough machine
(Lots of RAM particularly) I would suggest having a look at a Postfix
(Or indeed Exim but I have no experience with that), Courier-IMAP (Which
also does POP!) and  MailScanner all controlled by a MySQL database and
use something like phpMyAdmin to edit the database. There is an
excellent how to here
which although is based on Gentoo, it will be a synch to change the
details for your OS. The only bit the guide doesn't cover is MailScanner
but that is easy enough as you are familiar with MS anyway :-) . The
advantage is that you only have to edit one database and it will scale
really easily when your boss has a sudden moment of weakness and drops
his tight hold of the cheque book :-)



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