Slightly OT: virtual hosting

Fri Feb 4 20:25:19 GMT 2005

Just thought I'd mention, CentOS is the same thing as Whitebox, however
where Whitebox is a one-man show, CentOS relies on community support.
CentOS generally gets patches a little faster than Whitebox.

I'm not trying to start anything here, just thought I'd mention it.

It's quite simple to "upgrade" to CentOS from WhiteBox.  Basically
installing a new *-release file in your /etc and changing the yum.conf
to point to the CentOS site/mirrors.  Then yum upgrade, if I'm not


>Also, I'm most familiar with Linux based solutions,
>but I'm not opposed to *bsd.  However, I've tried
>to standardize on WhiteBox Enterprise Linux (where
>I can) to make things easy on myself.

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