Steve Freegard smf at F2S.COM
Thu Dec 29 18:33:20 GMT 2005

Hi Jon,

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 02:14 +0800, Jon Miller wrote:
> Can I ask a mailwatch question here?

There is a MailWatch list on SourceForge (see

> If so here is the problem.  A few days ago on a debian server 3.01 the mailscanner program failed to start and the server would not load until I had to update-rc.d remove mailscanner and uninstall mailscanner, spamassassin and mailwatch.  I then reinstalled the programs and from what I can see it looks okay.  However I cannot get mailwatch to work.  My mysql program sits on another server and in the conf.php and /opt/MailScanner/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/CustomFunctions/ files on the mail server I have the variable db_host pointing to the correct server.  However I still get the following message when I try to run mailwatch
>  Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (4) in /var/www/mailscanner/functions.php on line 497
> Could not connect to database: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (4) 
> This function is trying to call the MySQL database and for some reason the information is not going through.
> Any thoughts?

Is the MySQL server started and accepting TCP connections?, is there a
firewall in the way?

To test to see if you can connect to the MySQL host - run the following
on the mail host:

telnet 3306

Does it connect - do you get any output??

Kind regards,

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