OT: Re: Any potential gotchas using Maildir with MailScanner?

Thu Dec 29 18:46:03 GMT 2005

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Moved this to OT since it's not really MailScanner related. -Mike

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From: "Kai Schaetzl" <maillists at CONACTIVE.COM>
Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: Any potential gotchas using Maildir with MailScanner?

> Mike, thanks for sharing your experience. Is there any need to tell 
> procmail about it if there's no .procmailrc in use? I mean, no user has a 
> procmailrc or .forward and incoming mail is just delivered (by LDA 
> procmail) to the INBOX of that user.
> Kai
Hi Kai,

I used a .procmailrc file in my home directory on the mail server. You 
have to tell procmail somewhere that you are using maildir format. 

Since I already had a .procmailrc to handle message sorting I added the
following to the top of my .procmailrc file:


The trailing slash on $HOME/Maildir is important!

One advantage of using the .procmailrc in my home directory is that
it enabled me to convert all my folders and mail to maildir format on the
production system while all the other users stayed with mbox.

You can put the same two lines in /etc/procmailrc and it will be the default
behavior for the entire system.

My setup is FC4 with milter-greylist/sendmail/MailScanner/SA/ClamAV and 
dovecot for IMAP service. If you are using dovecot after you do your mbox 
to Maildir conversion rename your mbox directory (typically ~/mail)
to something else or dovecot will use it over Maildir.

All this can be set in /etc/dovecot.conf.

Once your comfortable that your email was converted correctly and is getting
stored in the right place, you can delete your mbox directory.

I still have to get used to my inbox not being in /var/spool/mail anymore!

Hope this helps,


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