spam.assassin.prefs.conf not being read - was Re: Problem with ALL_TRUSTED since 4.48

Brian Lewis test at NEXTMILL.NET
Thu Dec 22 03:08:47 GMT 2005

I'm having the exact same problem!!!
After upgrading to MailScanner 4.49.1, I find that although MailScanner is 
executing SpamAssassin 3.1.0, certain aspects of my SA 3.1.0 are not 
launching especially SNFILTER.  
spamassassin --lint -D
Works great, shows it executing SNFILTER properly
Yet I know its not executing via the MailScanner 4.49.1
Prevous Config was MailScanner 4.28 and it had no problem with SA 

Any ideas?  File Permission somewhere? as well as the /tmp/sniffertmp are all chmod 777

Any idea on how to make MailScanner launch the 'old way' yet use the new 
4.49.1 code?

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