New Release- pscm- (postfix 2.2.6, MailScanner: 4.48.4-2, Clamav: 0.87.1,SpamAssassin: 3.1.0)

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Thu Dec 8 18:07:48 GMT 2005

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Ed Wallig spake the following on 12/8/2005 5:18 AM:
> Thanks for the reply - I just tried downloading the FC4 version again after
> turning off av / IDS scanning on my firewall but it's still showing a
> downloaded size of 7.92MB instead of the 11.7MB that it advertises when the
> download begins. I'm a little concerned about using this file - can you
> advise?
I just downloaded the FC4 version just to check, and I have a filesize
of 12,315,771 bytes.
Something is killing your download before it is complete. Maybe a bad
version is stuck in a proxy?


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