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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 1 09:58:26 GMT 2005

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On 30/11/05, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
> When you want to reject messages to or from a particular address, the
> usual answer is "do it in the MTA". The hazard with this is that the
> rejection message sent back to the sender is very brief and very
> technical. Somewhere in it, the message will probably say "550 Access
> denied" or some equally unhelpful message.
> So now there is a "Reject Message" setting which you should use with
> a ruleset. When this evaluates to "yes", then the "Rejection Report"
> message is sent back to the sender, and the message is dropped. If
> you want to archive mail that gets this treatment, then use an equal
> ruleset on the "Archive Mail" setting. The "Rejection Report" can
> also be a ruleset, so you can different reports back to different
> places.
> This allows you to produce a readable report instead of the unhelpful
> technical garbage produced by most MTAs.
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I can see this feature making sense in the way you describe it, but on
the other hand... The "technical gunk" have some things going for it
- Familiarity (at least for us admin types:-).
- No need for MailScanner to handle the message at all, thus saving
resources (sure, I'm confident you'll implement this in a really lean
way, but still...)
- No need for the MailScanner system to generate the "informed reject
message" and subsequently handle the (sometimes icky) delivery of said

I'm sure smarter persons can come up with better arguments (at least
smarter persons that have had more sleep than I:-).
-- Glenn
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